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For this reason, and others, we are forced to think about data virtualization from an enterprise perspective.
Data virtualization solutions need to meet evolving and often dichotomous requirements of users across the organization.
Where applicable, Data Security should also determine if specific columns (e.g., person identifiable information (PII) like SSN) should be masked within the data virtualization tool.Consider how Data Quality fits In some instances, data virtualization can be leveraged to provide controlled and secured access to operational data.Involve your data architecture team to assess anticipated performance challenges, particularly for data sources that are sizable and for scenarios where relatively costly heterogeneous joins are required.At a minimum, coordination should occur to consider exposing new data assets through the data virtualization platform.Data developers should be aware of the data virtualization capabilities and, in danske casino online euro many cases, should have basic training on the technology.In the figure, the Enterprise Data Warehouse is still essential.Over the past few years, companies like Informatica, Composite Software, Denodo Technologies, and IBM have led the industry charge to: Expand data virtualization reach into new industries.Such an architecture should be carefully vetted with a particular focus on performance.To mitigate such challenges, make sure to work with your data architecture teams and consider approaches such as: Implement a layered view approach to isolate business logic.Collaborate with your Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence department Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence (DW/BI) teams should be aware of the DV capabilities and, in many cases, should receive training on the technology.We provide our customers quality, beauty, integrity, and peace of mind.It should now be clear that an enterprise perspective can greatly improve the success of a data virtualization implementation.
Push down as much of the processing as possible to the source system.